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I have made all continents, countries and playlist dynamic, take care of following instructions while transferring the files from one server to another or adding/updating the countries /highways and their playlist

– First import the following SQL file into your database (where your wordpress site is configured )

– If the continent has highway, then in ut_continents table ,set has_highway fields value to “1”.

– Please note that if you set has_highway to “1”, then you have to enter highway name and detail into “ut_highways” table. after that there is a table “ut_country_highways”, you have to add highway_id and the country_id (which lies on that highway) to make them works.

– In “ut_countries” table, there is a field named “continent_id”, please check the continent from “ut_continents” tables and add the id of the continent into continent_id field of ut_countries table.

– After that add the country name, image name with extension, playlist id and active status.

– Images should be resides in “images” folder in your theme, if “images” folder does not exists, then you have to create folder “images” and upload. You have to upload countries flags into that folder

[Important instructions only when you transfer data to another server/site]

– We created 3 templates in “storefront”, which are listed below:

– template-continents.php
– template-countries.php
– template-country-details.php

– In our case country’s page has id “1212” and country playlist page has id “14”, so we used 12 id in “template-continents.php” to link continent page with country page, and used in 14 id in “template-countries.php” to link countries page with country playlist page.

Look for “get_permalink(’12’)” in template-continents.php page and change 12 with the country page id (which you will create on other server/site)

Look for “get_permalink(’14’)” in template-countries.php page and change 14 with the country playlist id (which you will create on other server/site)

However, WILL NOT put them into the themes folder, because when changing themes a lot of unnecessary coding would be required. Prefer an “Images” folder any theme can access.

Put the “images” folder at root and changes “get_template_directory_uri()” function with “site_url()”

In country playlist page, i used a function “the_content();”, replace that with following code:

$content = get_the_content();
$content = str_replace(“#country_name#”,$country->country_name, $content);
echo $content;

put #country_name# in text editor

Your problem solved